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Black Star Dub Collective – Dissident Dub (UGA 007) out now!

With a bit of delay (haha!) I am proud to announce the release of UGA 007. Black Star Dub Collective combine radical DIY punk attitude with heavy dub sounds. After their fantastic debut split album with the Autonomads and an equally great 7″, this tape combines both releases plus a bonus riotstep remix by From The Cradle to the Rave. If you dig bands like RDF, Culture Shock or Cop On Fire, you are going to love this one, too. I sure do!

Buy it here!

Braindead – Libertalia (UGA 008) out now!

Ich hab mich wochenlang schon drauf gefreut, jetzt ist das neue Braindead Album endlich draußen. Richtig gemeiner Skacore mit schlauen Texten und shmooven Dub Punk Elementen. Eine der besten Bands des Genres. Gibts hier für 3,50 zu kaufen.

Es ist wunderschön und großartig. Anhören?


Just a quick info: Skankshot – One of the Millions of Robots (UGA 001) and Loser Youth – s/t (UGA 004) are back in stock. Get them at concerts or here.